Soccer Fitness Drills – To Be the Master of the Game

(*note* these soccer conditioning drills are from the Epic Soccer Training Program click here to learn more)

Soccer is not all about crossing your hearts and kicking the ball with all your might, and putting it past behind the opponent’s goal line. To be a Messi or a Ronaldo, you need to have excellent dribbling skills, mind bending agility, perfect balance, electrical speed, surplus stamina, and spirit of a wild horse. And for these you have to sweat it out and acquaint yourself with time tested soccer fitness drills which can raise your playing level to the stratosphere.

Soccer fitness drills are crafted by experts who understand the physiology of human body and have developed techniques to get the best output, and to help you become goal scoring machines or unshakable rock solid defense wall which the opponents find hard to breach. There are countless soccer fitness drills, some of which include  :

soccer fitness drills

soccer fitness drills

Weaving In

This one is for developing agility in your bodies. For this, place 7 markers in a zigzag formation to make imaginary triangles, with the nearest marker placed about 3 yards away. The player has to run from one marker to another in a zigzag pattern touching the markers on the way by twitching sideways, and moving on. This will improve their balance and navigation skills. You should try giving your full efforts, and be as quick as possible.

Box Drill

For this one, you need 4 markers to make a square measuring 5 x 5 yards. Then place a 5th marker at the center which will be your starting point. Then give names to each of the corners, and as soon as your teammate or your coach calls out a name, you have to rush to that corner and return back to the center. Swift action and sprint upon hearing the call is keyword. It will develop quick reflexes and help you stay focused.

soccer conditioning drills

soccer conditioning drills

Clean the Arena

For this, say 4 – 5 players are given separate balls and they have to dribble with them within the arena. Later 2 cleaners or defenders walk into the arena and start snatching the ball from the dribblers and shoot them hard far away to make the player run the distance to retrieve the ball. This gives time to the defender to tackle other dribblers and put their balls out of the arena as well. When all the balls are out of the arena, it is game over for the dribblers. This drill enhances the nimbleness of the players and develops their tackling and dribbling skills.

soccer 4 square
Passing Drill

This is a great drill which improves the passing skills of the players and helps them to have better coordination. For this you mark an arena of 4 x 8 yards approx, divided it into 4 boxes, and make one player from both teams to stand inside each of the boxes. The dribbling side players will try to keep possession of the ball and make passes between themselves, while ensuring that the opponents to not touch the ball. If they do, then they switch roles.

You can add fun element to it, like if dribblers are able to make at least 15 accurate passes, make the opponents do push ups or some other sweat breaking endeavors.

There are also tons of other effective soccer drills included in the Epic Soccer Training course including step by step drill walk thru and a few helpful daily routines to go by.

Screenshot 2 soccer

One of the daily routine schedules from Epic Soccer Training

The icing one the cake for me was that the program has step by step videos of the fitness drills featuring the creator him self (yes I actually bought the program).

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Personal Overview:
I would give you a list of pros and cons but I already listed a few of the pros the rest can be found here. As far as cons go surprisingly enough there really are none. It is a simple step by step course with routines that build your skills up over a 4 week period with videos that actually show you how to do the drill. Honestly I am not a big fan of soccer but I have a few friends that play regularly and I have to say that this program has improved my skills I would say I am now a tad bit about average player , that is pretty darn good considering I was horrible before week 1 ha ha.

A quick sneak peak at the members area

A quick sneak peak at the members area


I’m not trying to sound bias but this program is very helpful if you want to greatly improve your soccer skills or maybe you want to share the routines with your family either way it is really the only soccer training program that I know that has a good reputation. I hope you found this information useful , you can click here to check it out for yourself and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for reading.